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What is CrossFit?



CrossFit workouts are constantly changing to develop health in all areas (strength, stamina, speed, etc.). Constantly varied workouts keep challenging your body and preventing plateaus and boredom!



CrossFit is all about pushing your body to its limit in a short amount of time. This means quick workouts that reap tremendous rewards over time. These high intensity workouts allow you to do more work in less time.



CrossFit incorporates functional movements to help people live their everyday lives better. This means what you do and get better at in the gym will help you outside of the gym too!

Meet Our Coaches


Jamie & Walter Finch

Owners and Coahces


Kaylee Finch

Level 1 Trainer

What Clients Are Saying

“If you are considering trying CrossFit, you should check this place out. They will work you hard and push you just enough. Jamie is such an inspiration.”

Jennifer Jones

“From the minute I walked in Jamie, Walter, and Kaylee were so inviting and encouraging. They always show how to do the movement, even if everybody in the class has done it 100 times because their goal is to help you do it right above all else.”

Kendra Nelson

I just love this box! So far I’ve lost about 35lbs and am able to do things that I would have never tried otherwise. I can’t express how much I love my coaches, the people in my classes and just everything about Kill It.

Chelsea Sears

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